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Smiling woman after dental implants in Versailles, KY


Dental veneers are thin layers of tooth colored materials that are bonded to your front teeth to strengthen and enhance them. Veneers are either made with composite resin materials or porcelain often called laminates.
The composite veneers are done easily in one visit by bonding directly to the front surface of the teeth to change the color, mask imperfections, close gaps or totally reshape the teeth. Many people feel that after this procedure they had “instant orthodontics or braces.” 

When we use porcelain veneers this is a more complex procedure where after proper tooth preparation and impression a certified dental lab technician creates custom veneers which beautifully mimics the light reflecting properties of natural teeth. When complete you will have a new beautiful smile that will last for years.
Smiling woman after dental implants in Versailles, KY


Teeth can often be whitened by the several new techniques of "bleaching" available today. The most common method used is the "in-office" method where a strong bleaching agent is placed over the isolated teeth and a special light is used to assist the bleaching material lighten the teeth. This method is generally more controlled and probably better for people who have tetracycline stains or streaks on their teeth. The "home" techniques involve making trays which fit into the mouth and these are then filled with bleaching materials. When worn for a few hours a day, noticeable results are seen generally within a few days to a couple weeks.

Results vary from individual to individual and we will be happy to help you decide which method works best for you. Some of the factors involved include the intensity of the stains, whether or not you have fillings or crowns on your front teeth as well as what may have caused the stains.
Smiling woman after dental implants in Versailles, KY

White Fillings

Today our patients prefer to have fillings that look like their natural teeth rather than the old “silver” filling which are unsightly. So we offer a composite resin which is a material that bonds directly to the tooth and matches your existing color. Due to the bonding process used these fillings actually strengthen your existing tooth structure, helping to resist future fractures.

The procedure is simple. After making you comfortable we remove any old filling material or decay. By a step by step procedure we bond the resin to the tooth internally restoring the tooth to its natural form, color and function. Bonded fillings are just one procedure we use to build your beautiful and healthy smile!
Smiling woman after dental implants in Versailles, KY

Crowns & Bridges

When a tooth has such a large amount of decay, a crack or just too large of an old filling to support a composite or onlay, a crown may be needed. Crowns may be fabricated from gold, porcelain fused to gold or all porcelain. We will discuss the best option for you.

After making you comfortable we prepare the tooth take an impression, which goes to the lab and place your temporary crown. In 2 weeks we permanently bond your crown into position, protecting your weakened tooth for years to come.

When you have a missing tooth, one option to replace it is with a bridge. The space left when a tooth is lost can cause problems such as drifting teeth and bite problems.

After making you comfortable, we prepare the adjacent teeth for crowns, take an impression and place a temporary bridge. In 2 weeks the bridge with the missing tooth attached to it is permanently bonded into place, restoring your mouth to proper form and function.
Smiling woman after dental implants in Versailles, KY

Porcelain Onlays

When your tooth needs a restoration requiring more than a regular composite filling we offer onlays. Often when removing old silver filling due to its size, a regular filling is not sufficient but a crown is not required. In these situations a porcelain onlay is ideal since it is more conservative than a crown and rebuilds the tooth to its natural form with a more durable material that a composite filling. Many of our patients opt for this procedure.

We make you comfortable, remove decay and old filling material, take an impression that goes to the laboratory and place a temporary filling. When your new onlay returns we permanently bond it to your tooth, strengthening your remaining tooth structure.
Smiling woman after dental implants in Versailles, KY


When you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants may be an option. Dental implants are titanium rods which act as a tooth root and are used to attach a single or multiple teeth. Dental implants can also be used to anchor in dentures.

After making you comfortable, we use a minor surgical procedure to painlessly place this implant. This is allowed to integrate with the bone and when all is healed properly, your new natural looking tooth or teeth may be attached. In our office we are trained to do both steps of the implant procedure.

We hope that the above information is helpful to you in making some decisions about your dental treatment. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions. We welcome you any time for a consultation visit and look forward to seeing you.
Smiling woman after dental implants in Versailles, KY

Cosmetic treatments

At David A. Lasheen, DMD, we know how important your smile is to you. That’s why we offer a wide range of basic and cosmetic dental health services. There have been amazing technological advancements in the oral health industry, which we implement on a daily basis to provide the best care possible. For dentures or dental implants, our Versailles-based practice has what you need for whiter, brighter smiles. 
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